NRGY Station Concept
NRGY delivers compact hydrogen stations for fueling cars, buses, trucks, heavy duty vehicles as well as ships and trains. The hydrogen stations have reliable and non-contaminating hydrogen compression with high capacity and efficiency. Depending on the customer’s specific needs, the fueling stations can easily be connected to separate supply and fueling storage modules.

There is a growing demand for hydrogen fueling networks, following the introduction of commercial Fuel Cell Electrical Vehicles from leading car manufacturers. NRGY has the technology and experience to efficiently build several renewable hydrogen fueling networks. Furthermore, we know what it takes to operate reliable hydrogen fueling networks, and how to turn them into viable businesses.

We are capable of integrating hydrogen in existing gas station networks, or establishing entirely new hydrogen fueling networks, with on-site and/or centralized hydrogen production. We can build it all – from production to distribution.

NRGY Fuel Cell
NRGY developes fuel cell solutions for all types of hydrogen vehicles. NRGY fuel cell systems are an environmentally friendly way to generate power with zero emissions. The clean, silent and reliable systems are designed to use on road, at sea or stationery in various applications such as cars, trucks, buses, ships, railroads as well as on- and offshore.

The systems are designed to be easily installed in customers products and applications. The products are modular and scalable and designed to be adjustable and easily installed in customers products and applications.

Hydrogen is considered one of the important fuels of the future as it provides clean and emission free fuel for transport. For producing emission-free and clean hydrogen that satisfies the strict purity requirements for fuel cells, NRGY enables the fuel cell technology for the future.

Hydrogen production
Hydrogen can be produced in various ways, using electricity and gas. Electrolysis requires only pure water and electricity. The result is hydrogen and oxygen. This process provides CO2-neutral energy when the electricity used also comes from renewable sources, such as sun and wind. The hydrogen demand to satisfy the need of industrial processes is increasing.

NRGY can facilitate large hydrogen production plants with production facilities that are safe, reliable and easy to permit, install and operate. The units can be both stationary and modular, which maximize budget flexibility and optimize operational efficiency dependent on the specific customers need.

Large-scale production of hydrogen makes it possible to reduce CO2 emissions for all hydrogen applications. Whether the hydrogen is used as a commodity or as fuel for industry, as an energy carrier to produce electricity and/or for mobility usage.

NRGY offers key competence in carbon capture technology that can be applied on various types of industrial emissions. We offer studies and project execution throughout the entire Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) value chain with technology that can efficiently reduce the CO2 industrial emissions.

The development and know-how have been driven from test sites including gas and coal-fired power stations, a cement factory and a waste-to-energy plant. The CCS process can be applied on emissions from various sources such as fossil and biofuel, cement, steel, aluminum, refineries and waste-to-energy.

NRGY can deliver a complete mobile carbon capture plant ready for commercial usage and can offer key competence and technology ready for scale-up to large commercial CCS plants.