NRGY fuel cell systems generate electricity in a sustainable way with no emissions other than water. With outstanding products and an experienced engineering team, we assist customers that are aiming for zero-emission power within the transportation and marine industries, as well as stationary applications. Compact and scalable products give us flexibility to work with solutions for a range of applications and customer needs.

NRGY Cell are developed to meet the needs of the transportation industry. Some of the benefits of our fuel cell technology is high up time, low noise and zero emission. Since the products are modular and light weight our fuel cell systems are easy to integrate in a wide range of vehicles such as cars, buses, trucks and construction equipment. The systems have a wide range of application areas.

We can meet the demands in the following industry sectors;

    • Cars
    • Buses
    • Trucks
    • Ferries & Cruise
    • Rail transportation
    • Construction & Infrastructure
    • Fishing & Aquaculture
    • Industrial production
    • Energy systems
    • Offshore
    • Oil & Gas

    In addition to the transportation industry, the NRGY hydrogen solutions for stationary systems are both robust and scalable, and thus easily adjusted to customer’s needs. The systems have a wide range of applications and can be used as backup power, but also as part of a system for storing energy and generating power from intermittent sources such as wind and solar power. Our stationary systems can be used to equalize imbalances in energy supply and demand, as backup power or as peak shaving. Customers can generate electricity from solar or wind energy and use fuel cells to optimize the use of these renewable energy sources. Our fuel cell systems and hydrogen solutions make it possible to manage without other energy sources, to go off grid.